Board 2019-2020

Women in Games Finland is run by the board, which includes the president and 2-8 other actual members and 0-8 deputies. They are all elected at the annual meeting.

The president and members of the board are elected for two years. Half of the members of the board resign every year. In the first year (2020), the resigned members will be selected by a raffle and then at their turn. The term of deputy members is one year. Board members can be re-elected.

Women in Games Finland's board

You can read about every board member and their responsibilities by clicking on their pictures.

Becoming a board member

Any registered member who is interested in helping to develop WiGFi and can commit to a year of voluntary work is welcomed to apply for a board seat at the annual meeting!

The annual meeting is in March and board candidates can announce their candidacy before the meeting.

In order to assure the continuity of the work being done, only half of the board changes every year. You can find more information on the rules.